Makeup Artists, 2017 is YOUR Year!

2016 was an incredible year for me. If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, you know that I've been working relentlessly with my business coach and mentors to not only master my artistry, but to also get clarity about who I am as an artist and where I want to take my career. 

In the course of doing this personal development work, one thing has become crystal clear : my purpose on this earth is to serve. And makeup just happens to be the tool I use to fully step into my purpose

The landscape of our industry has completely changed in the past few years. With the rise of social media, information about makeup is easily and freely available, and it seems like everyone and their momma is a Makeup Artist. It's a race to the bottom, and many Artists find themselves struggling to stand out in an oversaturated market, and feel stuck accepting horrible rates.

Does this sound like you?

Here's the key : if you haven't done the work of clearly defining your brand, identifying your ideal clientsetting clear, actionable goals for yourself (and creating accountability systems for yourself), and mastering social media, your experience in this industry will be downright painful.

And I don't want you to be in pain for for a single day longer! That's why in September 2016, I launched my signature 6 week business, branding & social media coaching program, and since then I've been helping Artists overhaul their businesses, BOSS UP, and design the lives and careers of their dreams!

In my live program, I open up the backend of my business to share with you the 6 major principles that completely transformed my career and life in 2016. I give real-talk, practical advice and action steps that you can implement right away. I'm right there with you week over week helping you problem solve and keeping you accountable. There's no fluff. I give real talk because I want you to get real results.

I share the exact strategy that's opened the doors for me to work on TV productions; serve as Key Makeup Artist during New York Fashion Week; partner with an international beauty brand; grow my tribe on Instagram from 3K to 34K in less than a year; work with dream clients who fly me around the world to do what I love; and build a multiple six figure business -- all within 2.5 years of picking up a makeup brush for the first time!

Chatting Fall beauty trends with Beauty Editors from ESSENCE, Teen Vogue, Allure, People & StyleWatch at Conde Nast in NYC!

Chatting Fall beauty trends with Beauty Editors from ESSENCE, Teen Vogue, Allure, People & StyleWatch at Conde Nast in NYC!

Here's the truth the most people won't tell you : 

Being an amazing Artist is only half the battle. If you can't find your clients, make them fall in love with you, and then close your sales, the artistry doesn't matter. To be a successful Makeup Artist in this industry, you have the be the CEO of your company, your Director of Marketing, and a Master of Sales. Period.

If you've ever uttered the words "people in my city aren't willing to pay the rate I deserve", "I don't know how to find my clients", "I feel stuck / stagnant", or "I don't know where to start", I've designed this program for you!

Here's what you'll learn :

  • How to identify who you are as an Artist (i.e. what do you really want?) + how to create tangible, actionable goals that you can start implementing right away;
  • How to finally identify your ideal client and craft language that makes you a magnet to her, while also also repelling the wrong clients;
  • Everything I know about leveraging Instagram to convert your followers into super fans who value your artistry and are dying to work with you (not to mention, pay your rates -- hello!);
  • All the apps, tools & administrative programs that will keep your business running like a well oiled machine so you can spend less time answering emails and more time doing makeup; and,
  • A proven high end sales process that's helped me close this biggest deals of my career! (Spoiler alert : it doesn't matter where you live, or how many $25 Artists are in your city. You can book clients for your rate. You just need to learn how to sell your stuff, and I'll show you how!)

Plus, as a bonus, you'll have access to "The LuxuryBrown Experience", my 3 day hands-on makeup bootcamp. But here's another truth :

This program isn't for everyone.

I'm only looking to mentor a small group of elite artists who are truly ready to ascend to the next level of their careers. The information I share is very high level, and I've personally invested the equivalent of a luxury car within the past year to learn these concepts.  I hold my #LuxuryBrownArtists to an extremely high standard of excellence. But the rewards can be great!

Ready to make 2017 your year of growth, expansion and abundance? Are you ready to move out of the hand-to-mouth, paycheck to paycheck mindset and into your season of prosperity?

Click the button below to begin the application process! I am personally interviewing each applicant and will hand-select the right Artists for the Spring and Fall cycles of the program. 

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