(Tutorial) Classic Smokey Eye at Natasha Denona NYC!


Last week, I had the pleasure of taking over Natasha Denona's Instagram Live to do a smokey eye tutorial using her legendary "Blackest Black" eyeshadow. 

It felt amazing for an Artist that I admire to trust me with her platform and her audience, and I learned so much from this experience. More about that later, but as promised, here's the replay of the IG live tutorial, and you can download the full product list by clicking the button below the video:

Now let's get down to business! Any time you're featured on someone else's platform, you have the opportunity to expand your reach, grow your following, and spread your message to people who otherwise may not have ever seen you. Not mention, you'll practice your public speaking skills without the pressure of being in front of an in-person crowd!

To get the most out of your experience, it's so important that you go into it having answered these three questions :

#1 What do you want to share during your feature that aligns with your area of genius? Do you do a poppin' winged liner? Are you the queen of skin? Focus on that!

#2 What's in it for the page you're being featured on? In other words, what value are you offering to their audience?

#3 What do you want to get out of this experience? That's right! You should absolutely be thinking about what's in this for you and your business!

When I reached out to Natasha's team, I knew that the benefit for her was that I could help build more excitement around her NYC store's grand opening, and IG Lives are a fun way to engage followers on IG. On my end, I knew that I wanted to increase my follower count on IG and get more people on my email list.

With those goals in mind, there were several things I did before going "Live" to set myself up for success!

Setting myself up for the win

Natasha has over 246K followers on IG, so I knew that a good number of the people who viewed my Live tutorial wouldn't know who that heck I was! So, I wanted to make the best possible impression for any newcomers to my IG page! Given that I planned to teach a smokey eye look, I searched my camera roll for my favorite 4 - 6 smokey eyes that I'd previously done, and I posted those over the 2 -3 days leading up to my IG takeover. That way, when someone from Natasha's page came over to my page, they were greeted by beautiful examples of smokey eyes I'd done. In other words, I created a curated "landing page" on my profile to entice them to click "follow". 

If you don't have a ton of your own content to share, no worries! You can totally re-post other people's work (with credit, of course!), inspirational messages, memes -- anything that's in alignment with your brand message that you believe will resonate with your potential followers.

My secondary goal was to get more people onto my email list. So to set myself up for success, I updated my bio by adding a call to action instructing people to sign up for my list, plus I added the direct link to join my list :


Screenshot 2017-07-19 11.25.19.png

I shortened my link using Bit.ly, and I use Mailchimp to manage my subscriber list and send email blasts. It's free for up to 500 subscribers, and is super affordable after that! Who doesn't like free.99?!

Now that my IG page was prepped and primed for my new followers, I had think about what would excite people to actually go to my page, follow me and sign up for my list. In this case, I figured the replay of the tutorial and a list of all the products I used would do the trick! In addition, I was able to nab a few free products from Natasha, so I sweetened the deal by offering an impromptu giveaway exclusively for people on my list!

Then, during the Live tutorial, I instructed viewers to visit my page and click the link in my bio to receive the goodies and enter the giveaway. And I mentioned it several times throughout the Live, because you never know when people tune in and out.

After the Live, I created the product list using Canva, another one of my favorite free tools! In the comments, let me know if you'd like me to do a lesson on how to use Canva for your business!

The Results

Here's a breakdown of my results from being featured on Natasha's page : 

3580 IG Live views

300+ new IG followers

109 new email list subscribers

I'm super happy with all of these results! And now that my first takeover is in the bag, there are several things I learned to improve my results for next time.

Lessons learned...

1. Make a packing list of things you need to bring and pack your bags in advance. I swear, it felt like I forgot everything at home. If you're going to be traveling to another location for your Takeover, create a packing list a few days in advance that includes everything you'll be using. As you pack your bag the night before, cross the items off your list to ensure that everything is ready to go. 

2. Bring your lighting & a tripod to hold the phone. Had I brought my makeup light, the experience on the Live would've been better for the viewers because they would've been able to see more detail in the eyes and skin. Plus, I would've been able to get better photos of the finished look afterward. Having a tripod to hold the phone would've avoided a shaky recording.

Here are the light and tripod I love to use. If you purchase the light, be sure to also grab the bulb and stand featured in the "Frequently Bought Together" section. (Heads up, these are affiliate links. I'll receive a few bucks if you order using my links!)

3. Make sure there's enough room on the recording device to save the Live. Delete old photos and videos on the device you're using to record the Live, otherwise you won't be able to save the Live on your phone for future use. We learned that the hard way, and we had to work a miracle in order to recover the video!

4. Give the page you're taking over 2 - 3 pieces of content to post on their feed leading up to the event. You want to get your potential viewers excited about your takeover, but you don't want to give the page owners more work to do. Solve that problem for them by sending them the photos and videos (and captions) you want them to post in the days leading up to your takeover.

5. Lives are limited to 60 minutes. I had NO IDEA! My Live was cut a bit short this time, but now I know! Going forward, I'll budget about 5 minutes at the beginning of the Live to welcome viewers, engage with them, and introduce myself, 40 minutes for whatever I'm teaching, and the final 15 minutes for Q&A and to end the Live.

That's it for now! If you found this helpful, show me some love! Drop a comment below and heart this post!

Yours in Beauty,