4 Action Steps You Can Take TODAY To Inject Life Into Your Business ($19)

Run time : 1hr, 26mins


Remember how excited you were in January? You were all “new year, new me” and “2016 is going to be the year I CRUSH it!”. So many of us entered into this year inspired and ready to take bold action in our businesses and lives. This was going to be the year that changed it all!


Well, we’re just about to enter the last quarter of the year. This is the final stretch! Your last chance to own it. Are you as far along with your goals as you’d hoped?


If the answer is no, you’re not alone!


Truth is, being a freelance Makeup Artist is hard work. Every day is a constant hustle to book your next client or find your next job. It can sometimes feel like no matter how hard you grind, it’s like you bring money in and it goes right back out. How can you ever get ahead?


Or, if you feel like I once did, you feel stuck because you’re booking clients pretty consistently, but what the heck do you do to take it to the next level? How are people turning their part time makeup hustle into their dream career as a full time Makeup Artist? What’s next? How do you get there?


You may have leapt into this year fully inspired and ready to kill it, but it can be difficult to maintain your momentum and take your business to the next level while you’re down in the trenches just trying to make ends meet. 


I’m here to tell you, the key to re-igniting that fire and crushing this last quarter of 2016 is creating a rock solid plan of action.


During this live webinar, I’ll share with you four tried-and-true principles that you can implement into your business starting now that will keep you excited, engaged, and constantly moving forward. These are the exact principles that have allowed me to quit my job and become a full time Makeup Artist in half the time that I anticipated, open a private makeup studio in my dream location, build a life where I have time and financial freedom, and most importantly, work with my dream clients.


In addition to the four C.A.R.E. principles, I’ll also share action steps that you can start taking right now to help move the needle forward.


The best part of it is, it doesn’t have to take you years and years to get results!


You can absolutely still crush it in 2016! In just 90 days (or less) you can start to change the trajectory of your career, and I'm a testament of such. When I got serious about up-leveling my career at the beginning of this year, I got a business coach and worked with her to create a 90 day plan. I’ve had massive results, and was able to collapse time, because I’ve done the hard work of defining what I want my outcomes to be. This allows me to remain laser-focused on my end-game at all times, so as I move throughout the year, I simply execute, analyze, and refocus.


And guess what? This is work that most other Makeup Artists just aren’t doing. But I’m here to help you do things differently! 


This webinar isn’t for everyone. The information that I’ll share is simple, but it won’t always be easy. I’m only looking to send C.A.R.E. packages to Makeup Artists who are action takers. So, if you’re serious about doing whatever it takes to change your business and your life, check the replay!